Stop Bombing Nahr El Bared NOW!!!

" Naher al bared " is a Palestinian refugee camp in the north of Lebanon, this camp is subjected to violent bombing from the Lebanese army in an attempt to vanish the a terrorist movement called " Fateh al Islam" which is Al- Qaieda ally in the region.
i just call my friend in the camp " Naher al bared", an he told me the Lebanese army is bombing the camp randomly, many houses fall down on their owners, they bombed clinics, and some houses for " Fateh al Islam".

Ahmad, a friend of mine, living in the camp, told me that they don't have water now, nor bread, nor hospitals. They are starting to feel hungry, they can't take the injuries outside the camp nor the dead, mostly civilians.
There are no reasons to bomb all of the camp, and we should not. The attacks on the Lebanese army happened
yesterday outside the camp, and they discovered those terrorists inside a house in Tripoli.
The Palestinians inside the camp offered the Lebanese government help to cooperate with them to fight this terrorist movement but the government rejected the offer.

So what is the reason for these bombings The camp is facing a disaster if they don't stop bombing NOW!!


Golaniya said...

excellent work Ashraf, please keep us updated!

Tsedek said...

As soon as terrorists mix under civilian population it is already too late.

A_SHOULY said...

Thnak you razan, by our Arabian efforts we can do the impossible

A_SHOULY said...

Tesdec i expected you will be more humenitarian, but finally you are all the same " Israelians" hopping all the worst for the palestinians where ever they are.
Thanks for ur comment.

Tsedek said...

a shouly, it was a cut & dry remark, a conclusion. wherever people attacking other people mix under civilians it really is too late already: how do you expect the people being attacked to respond? Doing nothing?

This has nothing to do with my opinion, or who I am. This is a question for you.

Btw: all Israeli's I know don't want bad for Palestinians. But they also don't want bad for themselves. And sometimes (understatement) we 'clash' in our wants.

M Bashir said...

may it end soon ya a shouly.
(this post will be quoted and linked to at on Lebanon)

Golaniya said...

Tsedek, I believe that you are not well informed with the news, they was an attack in Tripoli, and what did the army did? They went down the streets and fought with soldiers, but when it comes to Palestinians, they BOMB them instead!!!
We are not talking about NOT defending themselves, the Palestinian leaders DID offer FULL cooperation with the Lebanese government but they ARE the ones who BROKE the cease- fire and they bombed HOUSES on the CIVILIANS' heads and killed 30!!! 30 civilians DEAD!!!
They is NO whatsoever justification for that!! Except RACISM!

A_SHOULY said...

yes m bashir inshalla, and thank you.

Mohammed el khatib said...

we are not terrorist
and you should give us royalties to live .
don't blame or bomb us because we are so tired from all wars .
from all thing , we tired from living , leave us to have some peace from god , we are not cats we are humans ,please give us respect ....
we love lebanon , more than any one , and believe in lebanese people
finally: please continue ashraf you are great ;)

Aicha Qandisha said...

I am linking to your blog from mine. I hope that is ok for you. As golaniya said, please keep us updated. My thoughts are with you and the others in Nahr... Salaam.

Tsedek said...

Golaniya, I think you are right. The LA indiscriminately shelled the place, I have heard now from more sources.

A_SHOULY said...

Thank you Aicha, i will do my best and i think i will not sleep tonight, i'm going to prepare for a demonstration in my camp with friends to say no for what are happening in Naher al bared.

freespeechlover said...

Excellent postings. Thanks for the info. from Lebanon; it's very helpful for understanding what's happening.

A_SHOULY said...

Hi freespeech lover, i will do my best to update every thing, and if i got late that's mean there is no electrcity in the camp loool :)).

Thank you all