Email from My friend

Daer Ashraft
i hope ya r doing good .
i have some news tht u can write about it .
i get this new from tripoli and Bedawi camp

from bedawi camp ,the youth are walking again towards naher el bared camp trying to break down the army bolockade they are carrying with them food water and mediaction .
but it seems very difficult to reach their goal and to get into the borders of the camp , tht because TYARE EL MOSTAKBLA guys are armored they are shooting at them .
TYARE AL MOSTAKBLE GUYS , are shooting at the ambulances tht going in the direction of Naher el bared CAMP these ambulances are carrying water , mediactio, , food and when it go out of the camp it will move dead and injuried people .

Tyare a mostakbale guys at Minyeh in tripoli , they set up check points and they arresting according to the ID , they are not arrestiong only palestinian men but also girls and women

inside Naher El bARED , the army shooting with tanks and heavy weapon randomly , one woman said , i have three dead civilian people and one injuried infront of my house door , no one is able to move them
the people taking there hosues rooms as shellters 60 to 80 PERSONS most ofthem children and women in the same room . no drink water since 3 DAYS
the army shooted with heavy weapon underground shellter ,people says we have no news about them if they are still alife or dead , to notice tht ; in tht shellter there is at least 100 people

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