dialog between me and my friend live in verdun

My friend x and she lives in verdun, i remembered her when i heard about the explosion there, i send her sms she didnt reply because as usuall all the telephone stopped from sending and recieving calls , then i catch her online, and thanks god she was ok , but she said" AShraf how can u do that as a palestinian" , oh my god my friend said that, when i told her everything about the situation and that fateh al islam are not palestiniane and they are more than 60 Saudi, 20 Algerian, 10 Jordanian, 30 Afghani, 12 palestinian, she surprised and she said : lebanese didn't know that, then i think and i hope she changed her mind, but what make me worried if all the lebanese thinking like that.

We are sorry for what happened in the beautifull lebanon.

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